Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good news or bad???

So years and years ago, badrobot68 turned me on to this great vet. They were new in town and very conveniently located and worked totally without appointments, open 7 days a week and were very reasonably priced. I've never been to another vet since.

They did move from that great location to another one that's not quite as great, but it's totally worth the extra effort. Then they opened up a downtown branch. I tried it once and it's great as a backup but not really handy.

Just now, I saw on Instagram that they are opening up a new branch at the same intersection as my Dollar Store and my Popeyes!!!! OMG. This will make every vet visit expensive in cash and calories and such great fun!

I'm quite excited about this news. The boys go back this time next month and I think we'll have to try out the new joint.

As you can see, The Smalls is just beside himself with glee. Oh wait, he's beside me with nap.

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