Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The plan du jour - living room furniture edition.

I did, indeed, spend some quality time with a tape measure and the IKEA website. I got the room measured out, my current furniture measured and then went 'shopping'.

Plan A is to buy this:

And then either buy one other chair and keep the orange one. OR buy two chairs and send the orange on off with the green and purple ones.

A lot depends on color, size, comfort and floor footprint - in that order. Here is my list of possibles (not the color I'd pick in most cases).

I have learned that gray fabric furniture in my living room just depresses me. Plus , it's not nearly as fun for cat pix as the orange or any of the other colors.


I might be able to go with brown non-fabric but I doubt it.

Next step is to take my test ass to the actual store and sit in all of them and look at all of them and see if I can make a decision.

Doable. Maybe this week.

And I finished my pattern book. Now I have an organized notebook of all the patterns I own. The patterns themselves are on my Google Drive (and pc) but not that easy to thumb through. This way they are in their appropriate categories with notes. I love it.

Every little bit of organization and clearing out of clutter just gives me such a feeling of peace and power.
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