Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When I knew I was going to be early, I was hoping I'd get to meet you!

Along about the first of the year we got a new guy in charge of maintaining the pool. The guy he replaced was way better than his predecessors. But with this new guy the pool turned from cloudy to crystal clear and stayed that way. After a couple of months, I wrote him a thank you note and left it on the door to the room where all the pool mechanics are. I told him that every morning I was once again grateful for his efforts and I just wanted him to know his work was appreciated.

This morning I saw him! He came in towards the end of my swim. When I got out of the pool, I went over and thanked him and his face just lit. "You are the one who wrote the letter, aren't you?! When I knew I was going to be early, I was hoping I'd get to meet you." His name is Cisco and he's in charge of six pools and clearly works hard to make sure they are all excellent. He was so cute about getting the thank you. I was so glad I did it. Win Win.

It's well and truly dark now in the mornings when I leave for the pool and when I come home and really until I'm midway through my coffee. I love this. It makes me feel like I'm getting bonus hours to every day. I know, it's silly, but still I really do take joy in it.

I spent some quality time with the Medicare pick your plan tool. There are an amazing array of choices and more every year. When my Mom was on Medicare and I did her financial stuff, there were two choices. Straight medicare, no extras that cost nothing extra. And a medi-gap insurance policy that covered way more. There was a charge but it wasn't that much.

Now there is Medicare, Medigap, Advantage and a couple more choices. Within the Advantage category, for my county, there are a dozen choices. My clinic where my doctor's practice, deals with 3 of those choices. The new tools, led me right to a comparison chart that included the drugs I take. None of the three cost me anything extra. Most of the coverage is the same - $5 diff here and there but mostly the same. Until you get to the drugs. One would cost me $5,976 per year. One would cost me $2,389 per year. One would cost me $698 per year. So... the choice turned out to be pretty easy.

And the the winner happens to be Humana, which is the one I'm with now. So no change. But, at least I know now, that no change, for me, is the best change.

Today's Retired Person's Agenda is light. I have one errand to run. An easy one that I can do whenever. And really that's it. I will probably do some sewing and I need to finish up my pattern organization project. It's nearly done but I want to finish. And then I need to measure this room and this furniture for my trip to IKEA which may be this week.

Right now, however, I need to go feed Bean - the cat down the hall.

This is Bean. She's a sweet little thing without a lot of teeth. She is always waiting for me. No teeth, apparently, does not preclude her love of cat food. I'll bet she's sitting in her hallway right now tapping her little paw...

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