Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I have a practical fix for my living room blues. I think it's IKEA. There's a centerpiece there that I like in a color that does not suck. I need to measure and go do an ass audition but I'm hopeful. And then I will add a practical chair and kill the green and purple chairs I have now.

Or add two chairs and kill the orange one as well or some rotation of the all that. I'm not in a gynormous hurry. IKEA inventory lasts a while. I can get it delivered and hire people to take my chairs to Goodwill. Or see if Salvation Army wants to come get them.

For today, as a test, I re arranged. I haven't heard from Frank so I just did it myself. Turned out, it was not the big o' deal at all. I need to save Frank for the stuff I really cannot do or reach :).

I swapped chairs and tables and even managed to eliminate one whole table. My back feels better. It was getting all bent out of shape in the gray chair.

I just remembered I have clothes that have been in the dryer all day. Le sigh

One thing that I cannot ever remember is that moving shit around or digging out stuff from places that aren't visited often brings up dust that I cannot even see but that my lungs get really insulted by. They are not that happy right now, but I am so screw 'em. Off to take a cough pill and fold laundry.

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