Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This 'n that

Yesterday turned into a mish mash of stuff. ljtourist asked, via text, if he could leave some pastries in my freezer in about an hour. Sure! I took my broken backup phone to Amazon for return and then, an hour later, went back.

On Friday, when I found the replacement of the replacement, the choices were free shipping for delivery on Monday or I could pick it up at the Amazon station on Saturday. I did not really care but I'd always been interested in that pick up option so I picked that. I got the notice that it was ready about 1:30 pm. It was there, in a locker. Easy peasy.

The Amazon station is a very easy mile and a half from my house. There is easy parking. It's fabulous. They have bags to put return stuff in. You can also even print out your return label there. Often the delivery date is a day sooner if you pick it up and now I know that operation is as slick as. So... cool.

And the new phone is fine. Not a hint of the dodginess of the broken one. So yeah.

Also delivered from Amazon was a package for Biggie and The Smalls from msconduct and Tashsa. It contained a box of ping pong balls. I plucked one out and tossed it on the floor and they were off to the races. I did not see either cat for a half hour although I could hear them. Also in the package was a wire thing with bobs on the end. I threaded it through the ropes of the cat tree and OMG, they lost their minds.

As much as I hate animated gifs, I had to make one of this - it went on like this for ages. Finally they wrestled it off the tree. I found it and put it away. I'll be getting it out for a rematch later today.

I got some odd sewing and minding done and some TV watching. I'm still watching Ken Burns Country Music thing and still enjoying it a lot. There's a lot in there I never heard before and it's follows along most of the years of my life which makes it more interesting.

I've been thinking about new/different living room furniture. I basically have 4 chairs. 2 are fun, nice looking and not very good to sit in. 1 is blah looking and getting very worn from my giant ass getting in and out of it a million times a day. and the other one is in pretty good shape and attractive.

I think I need to get rid of the two not-very-good-to-sit-in chairs as much as I love their looks, they are just in the way. And then get a nice couch or love seat to replace the meh chair that is getting worn. Maybe.

Frank is coming over to pick up his pastries probably later today. I think I'm going to get him to help me re - arrange a little in hopes it will give me more/better ideas of what to do.

It's kind of chilly out but very sunny so it feels warmer in here (the living room) than it really is. Facing east will do that to ya.

I think I'm going to change the bed linen and throw a load in the wash, clean up the breakfast dishes and then decide what happens next.
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