Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


First of all, I woke up this morning with one cat draped over my head and one cat snuggled along my side. We lay there snuggling for a wonderful 30 minutes or more. There is absolutely no better way to start the day.

Then, having decided to skip swimming, I got on the dreadmill for 30 minutes. And then fed the neighbors' cat. They have the most marvelous kitchen sink. It is HUGE and DEEP and I love it. I need to snap a pic and take measurements.

Then I hit the road. First stop was Luna Cafe for a delicious breakfast. Generally, on weekends they are too crowded after my swim but today I hit it 45 minutes earlier than usual and got my favorite table. Then on to the dollar store for necessities. I had a list and stuck to the list. Proud.

I was too early for Popeye's but had already decided I didn't need any so on to QFC where I scored some replacement mustard and other things on my list. As rsc points out, I fully expect the missing mustard to reappear any minute now.

I stopped at Amazon on the way home to return my backup phone. It developed a bootloader issue so back it goes. I found another one - Amazon - and ordered it. If it, too, fails, I'll go get the original one with the swollen battery fixed. That will cost the same and take a couple of weeks and two trips way across town. That's why it's not my first choice.

Now I am home and beat.I still need to get fridge stuff into the fridge and the rest of the stuff put away which I guess I'll do... now.

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