Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And they are gone

Living across the street from a major stadium is mostly really interesting. Big events - like last night's football game - start showing up days before hand. They make tents, the bring in equipment, they have trucks, and portapotties and other stuff. For days before the event. And, mostly, by 4:30 am the next day, there is no sign they were ever there. This always amazes me.

Today's big excitement is the arrival (I hope) of the new fireplace screen. Biggie has been in the fireplace a couple of times but, apparently and thankfully, did not find it fascinating and so hasn't been back. I'd like to get the screen in place before The Smalls discovers it. The mail carrier was here about 11 yesterday so I'm ready.

I actually did end up going out yesterday - to the teriyaki place. It was a nice enough walk but the teriyaki wasn't that good. Sad because that place used to be really good. Maybe it was a one off. I hope.

Today's Venture Outside will likely be a quick trip up to Grocery Outlet. I still need mustard! But I also may just wait until tomorrow maybe.

I got all the laundry done and put away yesterday. And did a review of my winter clothes. I want to replace some tops which is fine. I have the fabric. I have the patterns. I have the time. We're good.

The boys have been on and off all morning. They spent about 45 minutes in the purple chair with variations on this (video):

Now they are about to start a classic king on the mountain battle over the top bowl. The Smalls is up there now but I suspect his time is limited. I need to wash out their food bowls and go hang up my wet swimsuit.
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