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As soon as I go back to the sewing room, The Smalls is on my heels. He hops into the scrap box and settles in for the duration. If I'm back there longer than 5 minutes, Biggie follows suit.

When I made their first collars and their second and their third, I had to chase them around the house to switch off the new for the old. Every time.

Today, they both sat in the box nicely. I pulled off Biggie's and made him a new one and put it on and then did the same with The Smalls. They didn't move and barely flinched.

I think they were trying to make up for the whole fireplace festuche. It worked.


So now we are all sorted collar wise. Biggie's in green/blue and The Smalls is in pink/yellow PLUS I have enough scraps of both to make a dozen new collars if needed. my brain is so relieved.

Tomorrow night the Seahawks game is going to be on national TV. They had all this TV shit set up this morning when I went to the pool at 4:30. Now they are sound testing. The game is not until tomorrow night. Tomorrow is going to be wicked around here. Cool by me. I'm not going anywhere.

The burrito eggs are cooling before I start burriotoing them. All of the fleece is either patched together for the top I am planning (and I have plenty) or in the Goodwill bag. So tidy.

So good day and it's only just now 2:30. Guess I'll finish up the burritos and do some Knit While TV Watching.
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