Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kittens 5898 Me 0 - well maybe 1.5

I have lost the fireplace battle. Once they found the crocheted circles and successfully dismantled those, the rest was toast. My fireplace is a wood burning working fireplace with very ugly brass framed doors. I took the doors off and covered the opening with black felt long ago. It hid the ugly and kind of melted the fireplace into the background. The cats have decided that the black felt has to go. They have, for now, stopped short of prancing around in there to spread the ashes around the house.

I ordered a fireplace screen from Amazon just now. It will be here Friday. I had a huge debate on plain or stained glass but of course when with the stained glass. Since I don't use the fireplace, I can at least back light the stained glass maybe.It's a 'free return' item so if I hate it, Amazon can have it back and I'll do plain.

And the plants are back on top of the mantle except one and I suspect it will be back there in short order. It's a good thing they (the cats) are so adorable.

The other day I made them new collars. I've kept The Smalls in pink/yellow colors and Biggie in blue/green. But I got rushed at the end and wasn't paying attention and made Biggie's too little and The Smalls' too big so I switched them. And now the switch is screwing with me. Biggie hops up on my lap and acts weird and then I realize it's not Biggie at all. I think I gotta remake.


I have other sewing projects, too. I found a giant bag of fleece scraps. I think I'm going to patch them together for a top. If not, they are going to Goodwill. Giant bags of random stuff are no longer welcome in this house. And also I have a top cut out, ready to sew. Busy busy.

I think I'll make some more breakfast burritos today. But sewing first. No, wait, first I need to take the garbage down to the dumpster. And then sewing.
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