Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a fun day!

I love meeting LJ friends and I love meeting folks from New Zealand. Well, today was jackpot day!! msconduct and her friend, Tosha, arrived and turned out to be so much fun. So much fun.

After some excellent quality time with Biggie and The Smalls, we went to Luna Park Cafe for lunch and then we went to Costco! Such fun to see my store through new eyes. Then we just drove around a few pieces of Seattle 'on your left you will see... just ahead is...' etc. It was fun. They had already spent days in Seattle so we just concentrated on whacky neighborhoods - places tourists don't often get to see.

Then we toured the Viaduct which is gone - that was more for me. So weird to see something so big just totally gone. And home where Tasha and Carolyn traded off Stickie duty. Then they went off to o the wonderful Seattle Underground tour.

The cats are exhausted. I don't even know where Biggie. The Smalls is comatose here next to me.

Just fun.

Now I'm off to meet the neighbors and their cat.
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