Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So... how'd it go?

This is Biggie but he was not alone in this caper. His partner disappeared and left him to take the blame.


Also... The lovely crocheted disks hanging in front of the fireplace finally bit the dust last night. They are on a tear today - chasing each other from one end of the house to the other and knocking down whatever gets in their way.

After a very busy morning, The Smalls is zonked out next to me on the chair and Biggie is in the cat tree bowl. Peaceful as can be.

When Cats Attack...

A week ago, I saw a tweet from the local women's shelter that they were desperate for kids underwear. They included a link right to a list of exactly what they needed on Amazon - a huge variety with some marked 'urgent need'. All you had to do was click 'buy' and the order was totally set up to go right to them directly. I ordered packets of little boys' and little girls' underpants in fun patterns and colors. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. And now, my ad feeds are all about kids underwear and clothes and toys. Lord knows what this is going to look like come Christmas.

Meanwhile, I gotta give massive props to Amazon for making that kind of set up possible and making it so easy for me. Plus, my account is set up with the Smile program. Every time I buy something from them, $$ goes to Planned Parenthood (my selection from their vast list of places to donate). So far, my copious spending at Amazon has turned $153.34 over to Planned Parenthood.

I think that's pretty darned cool.

So much to do today. And all of it fun. At some point msconduct and her friend are coming over from New Zealand! Well, actually, from down the street where they will have been on the Pioneer Square Underground Tour. They are visiting the US and are on to Vancouver, CA tonight. It will be fun to meet them.

And they want to go to Costco. Happy to oblige! I was going to get more of the egg things I picked up last week but after day 2 of trying them, I've decided it's just as easy and far cheaper for me to make them myself.

I told my neighbor down the hall that I'd look after their cat for their long weekend away and I need to go meet them and the cat and get instructions this evening.

I still have sewing to do and the other usual stuff. Now I need to get up get dressed which will likely set the monsters off again on their tirade du jour. Sigh.
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