Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

3 things

1. My right foot which spent a lot of the summer emulating a football is now back to regular foot and I can, once again, wear all the shoes I own. Not at once, though.

2. I have two massive and strange bruises one spans 2 toes on my left foot and the other spans two different toes on my right foot. Neither hurts and I have no memory of how either happened.

3. I just read - on Instagram so it has to be true - that mixing prints in clothing is an up and coming trend. Yo. I'm On Trend!!!! That has truly never happened before. I'm jazzed.

And... a bonus. I made both cats new collars an they will not pose for me so I an get a picture. The ingrates. They are probably pissed that I did not mix prints for them.
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