Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Baseball-less-ness begins

Yesterday's game was a nice closure to the season. We won but no one cared. It rained a little so they slid the cover over the field which gave it a nice, cozy feel. Erica and Julie, who sit next to me, were not there. The two casino winners and their designated driver who sit on the other side of me were there and nice and left at the 4th inning. The food was good. The staff was all huggy. And so we are done until the Diamond Club member event in January.

I came home and made a small dent in the TiVo lineup. It was a good day.

Today I have lots of projects at the ready. I have some mending to do, a new top cut out and ready to sew together, the sweater I'm knitting is coming along nicely, I have still more TiVo to watch and house stuff... The usual with nothing in my way. Nice.

One thing I might do first is swap spots in the closet - moving summer stuff to where winter stuff has been. Not a huge project but one I want to do right. If I take the time to fold everything nicely, I'm rewarded nicely next June.

Oh! I see they are putting in a nice big H-Mart at the Capital Hill rail station. Light rail from here to there and back will be a nice little adventure. The H-Mart downtown is supposed to open any day now

The new, heavier quilt got its maiden voyage last night and I like it. It's not as heavy as I thought it was but it is VERY toasty. Plus I really like the look on the bed and it is cat approved.

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