Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What if

Last night I was thinking about my flooded out neighbors. And what if that was me. What if my upstairs neighbor... ugh

So I sat here and thought about it seriously. What if all of this went away and I had to start from scratch. I have a lot of beautiful, carefully curated over 70 years, stuff that is not replaceable. And a lot of other stuff.

First I went through each room (mentally) and cost out the replacement of the stuff I could replace and got a total and padded it and checked my insurance and, sure enough, I have enough coverage, I think. So that was nice to figure out.

Then I went through another mental exercise. What if the place was flooded. What if it burned down. What are the necessities I'd have to have immediately and what would I need short/long term.

And... surprisingly to me, it totally wiped up the ugh factor. There is something so clean and efficient about starting from scratch. Yes, I'd miss my stuff but I'm not sure I'd miss it as much as I thought. Most all of my business end (finances, personal history, photos) is online and safe. Starting again would be hard but doable. And, turns out, not at all frightening.

There is something very profoundly comforting in this realization.

Last night was the last night of the summer quilt. It was not cold enough to get up and get it out of the closet but almost. It's going to be a chilly at the ballpark today. I need to figure out some layers to wear.

My new refurb phone may want to go back... Last night 6 hours after a full charge, with no use, it was at 5% battery. That's a non starter there. I charged it up again and am now watching closely. Thank you, Amazon, for the freedom to return if necessary.

I watched some more of the new TV. I watched Bluff City Law and I honestly think it has promise. Also I think Stumptown does, too. Encouraging. Tomorrow, my cable package goes back to the very basics. I'll have ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX and that's it. Plenty, actually. Of the forty biscillian channels I get when I buy the one channel for Mariner games, I probably watch 4. I have stock piled some House Hunters on TiVo so I'm good til next March when it will be time to go back. I'm looking forward to the pared down cable bill, that's for sure.

The pre-game buffet opens at 10 this morning. It's nearly 9 now. The last game.

And today's chuckle. curiouswombat had a journal entry today that will keep me smiling for days. I don't think I've ever used LJ's embed trick until today. This time, it works perfectly.

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