Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The cat snuggle is real and so amazing

We had our first cold night last night and it was the kittens' first cold night ever. They stuck to me like glue all night and it was wonderful. I sure hope they keep it up all winter long.

This is what they were doing when I left this morning:


I mean really. They are, without a doubt, the best cats ever.

Last night I woke up to gun shots. Lots of gun shots. So many gun shots and then people talking. I finally got up to look... no guns. It was the after-the-baseball-game fireworks and people leaving the stadium after the game. Which, it turns out, they won! They were losing, as usual, when I fell asleep. Turns out they were losing until the bottom of the 9th inning with two outs! Bless their little hearts.

This is the picture the ballpark just put on Twitter of what I heard last night. What a great photo!

The Pool Is Closed signs were still out but Frank was on duty at the gym and he said 'it's open! enjoy!' So I did! I really really did. It felt good. I am going to skip tomorrow because the baseball game starts early. So I was doubly glad it was open today.

After the game I did to to the Zero Landfill function. There was zero parking and people backed up and waiting - 4 cars for one space. Then I saw people leaving with their free stuff... wait. Did I not just spend a week ridding my house of useless shit???? Why in the world do I want to go get more? Even if it is free? ABORT MISSION.

I went to Safeway instead because when I checked email, there was a suggestion from rsc to add almonds to my green bean salad. Great idea. Plus I needed candy pumpkins. The closest Safeway is one that was nice when it was new and then it turned into SCUZZY Safeway but now they have redone it and it's nice again. But, no candy pumpkins. They were in a corn candy mix but none on their own. What kind of bullshit is that? Oh well, it will sure save me a ton of calories this year.

Their self checkout had fancy new machines so I thought I'd try 'em and they turned out to be not so fancy but really really accurate and fast and easy to use and then, at the end, they took Pay by Phone!! Finally!!!! Nice. I tried to see if the staffed registers had the function yet and it didn't look like they did. S'ok. I don't mind checking myself out if I get a reward like that.

I came home and rode up the elevator with Husband of Bitch. They folks who had the flood in their unit (2 doors down). He says they are going to have to move all their stuff out and won't be able to live there for months. The whole ceiling has to be removed to get to the fix. The couple in the unit above theirs are doing a massive redo and their contractor cut into the sprinkler system. He said that so far, they (the couple) were being less than gracious about the whole thing. So ugh.

I have only had minor contact with the people who live above me. It has been very nice contact but still I hope they never renovate.

So my backup phone is on the way and I have a plan. I have been keeping all my tablets and my backup phone plugged in almost always. And I will continue but I am getting each of them a smart plug. Wyze is a cool little company, actually here in Seattle, I have two of their cameras and a couple of their sensors and they do a lovely pair of plugs for $15 so I got some for the bedroom lamps to try out. They are fine and dandy so I got more for the phone and tablets. I'll set them on a half day off/half day on schedule or something like that in hopes of preventing the problem.

The rest of today will be the usual. Maybe some sewing. Definitely some knitting. Some baseball. Some TV.

Oh I watched BOB♡ABISHOLA. I really do not like Billy Gardell and so figured it would not be a winner for me. Wrong. It was charming. I cannot imagine it will sustain but I'm looking forward to next week.

Ok new phone here. It looks perfect. It's that wonderful Pixel blue. $98. Really a heck of a deal. I had one when they first came out. I had it 3 months before it was stolen. When I went to replace it they had no more blue. Now I have blue again. It's a sign. (Hopefully not a sign that this one will be stolen, too.)

Time for set up.
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