Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday night lights out - at least in gym staff brains

I just called the gym to see if the pool would be open tomorrow morning. The guy who answered the phone seemed surprised to hear they had a pool. There was clearly a party going on and he said something to somebody and then came back and said 'uh the pool open tomorrow'. I am 100% skeptical. The app says that the 9 am aqua fit class is canceled. The app rarely reflects reality.

So. I think. I'll suit up and go knowing that when I get there it is highly likely that I will not be able to swim. I'll go to Luna Park for breakfast instead.

After that I am going to check out an event I hears about called Zero Landfill. "You’ll find all kinds of wonderful items, from fabric bolts and memo samples, to carpet, tile, glass, metal and wood." All for free.

We just had the most wonderful hail storm here just at dusk. It was really wild. The cats and I enjoyed it out on the terrace. I think they thought it was entertainment just for them. And the temperature has dropped to the lower 50's. My kind of weather!!
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