Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No TV yet

I was just getting ready to go to Costco when I got a text from my brother that my web cams were not showing up. I rebooted the router which I meant to do the other day - it hadn't been done in a long while. And they began to show signs of life so I told the cats not to do anything cute while I was gone - just in case. My brother considers my webcams Cute Cat TV.

At Costco I got gas and even got the car washed and then got steak and pork and some egg bites. I used the self checkout and boy oh boy was it speedy! Then I stopped at Grocery Outlet and got green beans.

The other day at the Mariner pre-game buffet they had a green been salad that was both simple and delicious. I'm always looking for a way to eat vegetables and green bean salad is perfect for me.

I came home and made up a vinaigrette and blanched the green beans. My own green bean salad is cooling its heels in the fridge. Then I cut up the pork and the steak into serving sizes and they are in the fridge.

For years and years, I've bought meat in big chunks then cut it up in serving size, wrapped it in plastic and frozen it. But, recently, I got some cheap plastic that didn't stick to itself and fell off. So I took the frozen meat chucks and put them together in a large plastic zip lock. This turned out to be a VERY excellent way to not lose meat. I had a bag o' steaks and a bag o' chickens and a bag o' porks. So much easier to keep track of. So today, I cut up the meat and it's now in the freezer naked. When it gets solid, I'll bag it all together. A little more of a front end effort but lots of back end payoff.

No clue what these two are on to here...

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