Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Treadmill lightbulb

I slept so well last night. I have learned to enjoy days off from swimming. And not stressing about getting up on time is one of them. Also, The Smalls has learned that he can nuzzle my nose and as long as he doesn't bite it he can stay as close to me as he wants. We both be happy with this lesson. And, if The Smalls is happy, Biggie is happy. So win win win.

I also realized that treadmill sounds like dreadmill which is how my mind thinks of it still and probably always. But, I got up and did my 30 mins today. So no more dreading until tomorrow.

Our once great pitcher who has pitched for us for 15 years, pitched his last game last night and it was pretty emotional. He cried, the crowd turned out in force and went wild. The team did right by him - giving him the entire field twice, and letting him go out in massive style. It was all very baseball-y and lovely.

The Broadcaster I Hate was on TV so I was watching mute with the radio on. The main radio broadcaster - Rick Rizz - is kind of an idiot but, usually, a nice, friendly idiot. Last night he was the Ru Paul of baseball. He took Drama Queen to a whole new level. Rick has been broadcasting for the Mariners for about a hundred years and there are hoards of people who would like to see him retire last March. I do suspect that they were in agony with his work last night. I do wish/hope they get their broadcast people fixed for next year.

I think today is a Costco day. I need gas and meat and AAA batteries. And then there will be TV watching. Between baseball and other things, I have watched nearly none of the new TV season. TiVo is getting its feelings hurt, I'm sure. Plus, the new, last season of Doc Martin is on Acorn. All of a sudden, too much TV, too little time. At least I don't have to worry about the post season of baseball!

Mr. Muffet On His Tuffet

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