Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So the game last night was interesting. Since the very sucky Mariners were playing the nearly perfect Astros, the outcome was not much of a mystery and so lots of people gave the game a pass. But, they kind of missed out. The Astros pitcher pitched a no-hitter until... the bottom of the 9th when we finally got a hit. By that time the few Mariner fans had left so the crowd was mostly Astros fans and boy did that burst their snarky superior bubble. Ha!

Also the guy who sang the National Anthem was shockingly amazing. So amazing, that I googled him before we even sat down. Turns out he's The Drunken Tenor who is local! His Twitter bio reads "Grammy award winning Metropolitan Opera Tenor, long suffering Seattle Mariners fan, karaoke warbler, weary traveler, and amateur bartender."

Oh and the woman who sits two rows in front of me with the beautiful blouses? I found out she gets them at Jams World. She wore a navy blue top last night and I finally had to say something. I told her that I would have bet my last dime she did not even own anything so dull. I confessed to being obsessed with her shirt collection. We had a great laugh. And she apologized for the dull. I told her she could make it up to me on Sunday.

A few of the Diamond Club staff who will not be working Sunday's game (my last ticket) were oh so sweet in making sure they found me to say goodbye and have a nice Winter. They are some really nice people.

I had decided not to swim this morning so I came home, played with the cats, listened to my book and then went to sleep.

I woke up at 4:30 like usual and decided wtf, I might as well swim. So off I went. When they opened up at 5, I learned the pool was closed. Apparently someone threw up in the pool last night. Nice, right? The manager said that it will probably be 3 days before it reopens.

At least I have the treadmill. And after taking nearly a month off, a couple of days is nothing.

The cats were a little shocked when I walked in the door at 5:10!

Yesterday afternoon the fire alarm went off. I stayed here and monitored the front door camera. No one even seemed particularly concerned. The alarm went off after about 15 minutes. About 5 minutes later, the door opened and I heard "Seattle Fire, checking... there's been a water break in the floor above you." I said OK, and Thanks and he left.

Turns out the bullet I dodged hit really close to home. When I left for the game, the woman who lives 2 doors down told me that workers broke a pipe in the unit above hers and her unit was flooded - uninhabitable. A later email from ReadMyEmail Building Manager said there was a 'water leak' that affected the unit next to me as well as the one 2 doors down. And, the units below them.

Two(?) years ago, the exact same thing happened to another group of units. So at least the management and board have extensive experience in fixing and financing that fix. And, maybe, they will think about some preventative measures...

The woman who was flooded out, had two grown sons. One died in July and the other had major surgery yesterday. She said she was having trouble finding a hotel room and also contacting her husband who had gone off to be there when son got out of surgery. Rains/pours. She's not a nice person but even so, wow. That's a lotta shit for even a thoughtless bitch to wade through.

So considering that I have no sons in surgery or dead and no flood in my condo and we didn't hand those holier than thou Astros a no hitter, getting up early to not swim seems just exactly as trivial as it is.
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