Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pasta Update

There was some 'you can freeze pasta??!!!' conversation here and elsewhere after my entry yesterday. And then, just now, Lifehacker published a tip. I don't go to that trouble but then I'm not pasta picky. I just usually thaw it under hot tap water and then nuke it for a minute or so.

Today has been unremarkably calm and nice. I have Yet Another Sewing Pattern Organization project going on and I made great headway there. I got the house tidied up and ready for the house cleaner tomorrow. I got my Amazon returns back to Amazon and even remembered to pick up some Diet Dr. Pepper at the grocery warehouse.

I watched the first fall show - the one with the judge - and did not hate it at all. It could turn on me but I'm looking forward to next week.

The cats have been quite busy all day doing this and doing that with lots of naps. They are on the orange chair right now and not sleeping. I think they are waiting for me to get up out of this chair and feed them.

ok. But, I think I'll feed me, too. Trader Joe's Orange Chicken for me. Pate for them.
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