Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The printer finally arrived after dinner last night. Because I am genetically incapable of just letting it sit in the box until I am fresh and alert in the morning, I set it up. I've never had a Cannon printer before. There were a couple of strange things but I had it up and printing from phone, chromebook and windows in short order. It also has a very workable web interface that is far and above any other one I've had with any other printer so yeah. This morning, I sent a job from the chromebook which meant it had to 'wake' up both the network interface and the printer and it did so without even a tiny complaint.

Whew. My printer world is happy again. Until I have to buy replacement toner cartridges...

Meanwhile, my living room is a mess that the cats are thrilled with.


So, first on the list for today is cleanup. I have returns to drop off at Amazon (which is what sparked off the whole printer crisis... finally got those return labels printed!). Then the kitchen needs the same treatment. It got neglected last night in the printer set up situation.

I could use a trip to the dollar store and to the gas station but I'm not sure either is going to get done today.

I'm waiting for the new Google game thing to drop. At $2 a month I'm willing to give it a year. I make way more than that with the Google Opinion's app.

oops just fell into an internet rabbit hole. i'm out now and i'd better get dressed and get going before i fall back in!
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