Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

update on things - good news

My oh so swollen right foot is now way less swollen. It's summer. My right foot is allergic to summer. It's not quite yet the same size as my left foot but way closer.

The lesser strength inhaler (Spiriva) I got by mistake has, in fact, turned out to be fine. I've had a couple of days with difficulty breathing but that's it. Otherwise, I have felt fine. I'm going to get Dr. Lung to switch me over when I see him in January.

Meanwhile I have two of the lesser strength ones and three of the high test on hand. I think I'll just alternate the two.

But the headline news is that now I know I can get by on the lesser one now and use the more powerful one when I get to that stage. I have COPD. It ain't going to get no better :)
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