Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The latest cat cuteness

Today I'm wearing a long fat granny dress that has a very full skirt and is about ankle length. In the sewing room I sit on a stool with wheels (like at the doctor or dentist's office). So this morning I was sitting on the stool sewing when I felt kittens around my ankles.

My dress made a tent around the stool and both cats crawled under there and stayed until I was done. Biggie even brought Stickie into the 'tent'. Cracked me up. And, I cannot say that having kittens sit on my feet while I sew was at all unpleasant!

Yesterday, I closed the doors to the outside because the noise from the football game was interfering with my baseball game. But it quickly got stuffy in here so I drug out a little fan which helped enormously until everyone went home and I could open the door again.

Today, it's nearly chilly in here! I'm considering closing the doors just to warm up - although I may go put on socks instead. A lovely turn of events.

My brother, who has a Smart car like mine, just bought an Auto Echo. I walked him through how I had min set up in the car - a rather complicated systems to hide one wire and keep the other out of the way. I even offered to go down and take a picture. I'm such a good sister. He just called to explain that he just tossed it all into the glove box and plugged it in there. Works fine. WHAT????? I never even thought of that. Holy crap. Totally obvious but not to me. He's such a good brother.

My printer isn't even close to getting here and my other Amazon order hasn't even made it to Out For Delivery status. Amazon must be having a Monday.

I made a funeral hot dish for dinner. Ham and cheese and penne pasta layered. It might be delicious. It might be a disaster. Stay tuned.

While I had the pot out, I also cooked up some freezer pasta. Three servings. Just nuke for a couple of mins and you've got dinner! I haven't had any in the freezer in a while. I never have the patience to boil pasta for dinner. Somehow boiling it ahead of time seems so much easier.
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