Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weekend sleep penalty?

I slept in Saturday and Sunday and so really hard a hard time sleeping last night BUT, not as hard as two kittens I know. They were busy all night long. I heard them but tried to ignore. This morning, I woke up to one lamp on the floor, the floor fan turned over, the blanket former folded nicely, now in a bunch and I'm pretty sure I haven't found all the evidence yet.

Right now, 7:45, they are somewhere in kitty comas. They need to learn to pace themselves.

It's still too warm in the house but outside it is bordering on chilly. This morning, waiting for the gym to open, it was nearly cold. It feels mighty good.

Yesterday I finished watching The Mind of Bill Gates (Netflix). It was really interesting to me - maybe more so because I worked at Microsoft when he was still there or because of the Seattle connection or maybe it's just a general interest in the people at the top of big corporations. Anyway, it was interesting and geesh is he ever looking old.

I am so ready for Fall TV. TiVo is all set up to record the shows I want. I wonder what they 'friends' in all my shows have been doing for the past few months. I'm delighted to finally find out. I do enjoy TV. A lot.

I have several small chores on tap this morning and then I think I'll make a new swim suit.

I hope my new printer gets here sooner than later. I have shit to print. I got a Cannon. I spent a lot of time last night second guessing my decision and looking at tons of other printing options. I'm still not sure. I'm so hoping this works perfectly easily out the box and I can end the torture. I have shit to print!

Yesterday was the last Sunday this year that I'll watch a baseball game. Next Sunday is the last game and I have my final Diamond Club ticket for that game. I also have a ticket to Wednesday's game. I'm ok with the season being over. Maybe next year. There is no game today.

This is the boys yesterday. I'm guessing they are currently replicating this same situation but under the bed.

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