Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good morning, Boss!!

So I decided to bury the dead printer in the dumpster and donate my stash of way too expensive toner cartridges to Goodwill. The printer is heavy but I managed to get it into my cart and down to the dumpster.

I usually prop the lid open with the broom that hangs next to it but the broom was missing. I was just thinking about Plan B when I heard "Good Morning, Boss!"

It was Eddie. Eddie is the security guard we hire when we need one. We always need one for Seahawks home games (in the stadium across the street) because Seahawks fans can't read signs, will try to barge in when you are entering the building, have, in the past, damaged our garage doors plus, the just general mayhem they cause. So we have to pay a guy to protect us. So ridiculous. BUT anyway.

Eddie greets every resident by calling them Boss. I love that so much. I don't need the greeting (although it's nice) but the attitude is just perfect. Yes, he does work for us. Contrast that to our building manager who works for us and yet truly in his heart of hearts believes he is the boss and manager of everyone here and treats us as if doing his bidding is the only reason we live here.

In fairness to him, the board president is his constant enabler.

And he does provide a good deal of comic relief. Last week he sent an email telling everyone to read their email. Apparently lots of people ignore his convoluted confusing email of the day before and did exactly what he told them not to do. So his fix was the "always read my emails" email. I giggled and, elevator talk reveals I was not the only one.

Long live Eddie. Oh and he picked up the printer like it was an empty coffee cup and tossed it into the dumpster for me.
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