Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Day, New Leaf, Yesterday is history

Yesterday was just a day of fuckery. After the brunch/movie/walking home debacle, I had a huge, drawn out fight with my printer and the printer won. While that was happening the cats knocked over a full bottle of soy sauce on the dining table. And in between, nothing worked. I'd pick up something and instantly drop it. I'd reach for a tissue and the box would be empty. I knocked over an entirely full large drink of ice water. (Thankfully, it was one of those tall steel thermos mugs so the kitchen floor just got a cold shower.)

It was a day of nothing goes right.

Today will be a day of OKDOKEY all is fine.

I loved the printer. I got it for a steal years ago and it has served me well but it's dead, Jim. I did not want to buy a new printer right now but I also don't want to be printer-less. So... it will be here Monday. And it wasn't a steal. Sigh.

Today is a new day. I had a great sleep with my yellow pad friends. Such a delight to wake up to this.


And they promised they would not knock over the soy sauce bottle again as long as I did not leave it on the table. Fair enough.

I sat in that movie theater with my feet up for the entire movie and I think my feet were pissed. Walking home was pretty much agony. I'm surprised I didn't fall along the way.

This morning they are absolutely fine. Getting old is not without its challenges. But, there's a lot to like, too.

I did not walk on the treadmill this morning and I did not go swim and I'm fine with all of that. The Seahawks are playing a home game and at 9 am, the crowds are already assembling.... SEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAWKS! They will be drunk and peeing and throwing up on my sidewalk before the game starts. So lovely.

I do have things that will happen today.

I will do laundry.
I will strip, wash and change the bedclothes.
I will take the fucking printer to either the car for Goodwill or the dumpster (haven't decided yet)
I will pick up the crap around the house - mostly floatsom and jetsom type stuff
I will tidy up the desk area and clean up where the new printer will go

And I will watch the ballgame starting at 10.

Biggie is now in my lap purring away. I pissed him off royally about 20 minutes ago when I trimmed his nails. He left and shot me dirty looks and then, 5 minutes later, came right back. The Smalls does the same thing. When he bites my nose in the middle of the night, I throw him out of the bed. He comes right back and, usually these days, snuggles in close but not in biting range.

I should be as forgiving as these two. And may I say, once again, that having cats that do not shed is totally miraculous. I'm ok with cleaning up the once in a while soy sauce spill. Far better than the constant cat hair everywhere. I had always heard that there were some cats that didn't shed but I'm not sure I believed it. I do now. Thanks, guys!
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