Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Movie theaters and me... we're done

I rarely go anywhere and today's outing will pretty much write that in cement. Holy crap. I got to the restaurant without issue. After standing around a while, a not very welcoming guy tried to seat me at the bar on a stool. Er nope. You got plenty of empty tables and I want one. Turns out he wasn't that gracious either but I got my table. And I say my table because I was there so long, I feel like I own it.

The service went from not great to WTF??? Am I invisible???? The food was ok, the ambiance was ok, but holy crap on a stick. The service was so bad that I left a tip that only rounded the amount. It was about 10% and I wrote on the receipt - 'ok food, horrible service'. I'm guessing, at their pace, they probably haven't seen it yet.

Then I walked up to the movie metroplex. The theater was hidden with no directional information. They seats were recliners but they sure didn't have many options. My feet did not touch the floor when I sat straight up so that wasn't going to work. Finally I reclined it but my back may never forgive me. The previews went on forever and were repeated and I saw nothing I needed to come back for.

If I had seen the movie [edit to add: the movie was Downton Abbey] in my living room with the ability to turn down the volume and have closed captioning and stop it to go pee whenever I wanted to, plus sit in my own damn chair, I would have thought that the movie was ok and moderately satisfying. But, at least this way, next time I think about going to a movie in a movie theater, I will clearly and cleanly and immediately remember this and temptation will be gone in a heartbeat.

Time for the baseball game!

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