Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done but for one more thing

I think I may be suffering from cumulative reorg. Today's project was by far the smallest and I'm exhausted. Just whipped to a pulp.

This is the little cabinet that had to be emptied.


I mean, UGH. This is some but actually not all that came out of it.


My rule was that anything with an expire date that had expired, got tossed. And that turned out to be a giant pile of old shit. But, the winner was this very excellent decongestant stuff from New Zealand. It's a gel cap that you drop in hot water and then breathe over. It is THE very best when you are congested and I've never been able to find anything like it here.

Turns out, however, those little gel caps get pretty uggy after nearly a quarter century. Bye Karvol. I'm actually grateful that I never needed to use you up!


So now, everything is tidily added to the closet. I do think I'll add some labels.


The little cabinet is now on my cart ready to go down to the car. It's really filthy and dinged up and it may just make it to the dumpster instead of the car. It is also way heavier than it needs to be.

I am way too beat to go anywhere for lunch. It's likely going to be a cheese sandwich and chips. I'm ok with that.

And then I'm going to sit on my ass as long as I want. The next reorg/clean out project is the bathroom but I want to wait until it is way colder to do that. The bathroom gets stuffy really fast. All that shit will wait.

I feel good about what I have done. Really good. You talk about sparking joy... every time I walk by that sewing room!

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