Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Goal Achieved!!

The sewing room is one QA test of complete. I got rid of one ugly small set of drawers and one ugly large set of drawers on wheels that lived in the middle of the room and always looked like it was going to fall over.

I added this cart which is a lovely size and quite sturdy. And it rolls right under the ironing board when not in use.

I have extra space to burn. I have a big armoire that has plenty of spare room in it. I have two small empty shelves on the serger cabinet and the new cart also has a lot of available room.

I will declare total victory after I my next sewing project when I'm sure everything is where it needs to be. Oh and it's all labeled! So I can tell, at a glance, what is even at the back of shelves. I'm so jazzed. Heaven to have a clean, well organized work space that also looks pretty.

Also, converting it to my brother's room for his visits will now take exactly zero time.

My next organization project will be to empty a fully loaded former bedside table. It's no longer at the bedside but for about 15 years, I've used it as the medicine chest. There is some ancient stuff in there plus some organization. I'm going to move all the stuff that isn't thrown out over to a second of the closet and then give the night stand (an IKEA special) to Goodwill. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.

Right now, I'm waiting for the Mariners game to end now. It's in extra innings but, hopefully, they will wrap it up here in the next half inning.

I have a cart full of trash to take down to the dumpsters. I have some of that chicken alfredo I got at Costco's and froze, all thawed and ready to nuke for dinner.

Very satisfying week here.

In the kitchen to get more ice water. Got the ice and turned to get the water and got this.


They are nothing if not totally entertaining always.

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