Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Grocery Shopping - ish

Since swimming on Saturday is no longer fun and this Sunday is a Seahawks game so not wise to try and fight that traffic, I would not be getting to a grocery store without a special trip. (On weekends the pool does not open until late and so by that time stores are open. On weekdays, there's too much traffic.)

I only want a few things so Amazon Fresh! No charge for pick up. The pick up location is just down the road and my favorite sandwich of late is available on the way. So we have a plan and I've now done the shopping. Pickup at 10.

More organization planning while I swam this morning. I figured out how to eliminate a whole night stand and better arrange the rest. That bit may have to wait until Frank is here or my brother comes. The pieces involved are too big for e to move on my own.

But, today I still have the other half of the sewing room to do.

And a new sweater to knit. And last night I started watching Ken Burns multi part documentary on country music and while I don't love all his stuff, this one is compelling - at least enough for me to continue watching. It's at least good enough to get me through to next week when the fall TV season starts.

The latest shenanigans from Kitten Central is that they are still developing their habits. They are trying out new things - some really a PIA and some really kind of adorable. They are still very much in the You Leave It Out, It Is Ours stage. I will find that earbud one day but probably not soon.

Last night, they took possession of my chair. They like to come sit on me. And The Smalls often will stretch out next to me. But last night, while I made and ate dinner, they just took over.


Later they both squeezed in next to me for most of the evening. Here we have the Synchronized Sleepers...


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