Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Only half done this time

I have 4 bags (13 gallons each) in the car for Goodwill. And 1 bag for the dumpster and I am about halfway done with the sewing room. Holy crap and a whole lotta crap. Geesh. I need a way better system.

I am finding good uses for a lot of those containers that I emptied yesterday.

I decided that one of the plastic drawer stands - a small 3 drawer model - can go to Goodwill, as is. Contents and all. So that's easy. I have a rolling cart with drawers that is el cheapo and drives me nuts. It's too big and way too wobbly and the drawers don't work easily so it's going, too. I have a smaller, sturdier one coming tomorrow. And a label maker. Yes, it's that time.

Unlike yesterday, this project is easy to split into two days. I only have to see the chaos when I walk by which I can mostly avoid. But, I'll finish it up tomorrow for sure.

Meanwhile I'm setting up a new tablet. I love my tablets but I'm out of patience with slow, nearly dead ones and also with Fire tablets. I finally gave my last Amazon Fire tablet to the Goodwill last week and then my really old but beloved Nexus 9 started having issues. I reset and rebuilt it and got a little more spunk but I fear...

Meanwhile Amazon has a Samsung tablet with built in stylus in the 8 inch size I like so I bought it. It's been a long time since I've had any Samsung products and they have really gotten their shit together. It's lovely and not full of software I don't want. I'm pretty delighted.

I think maybe I'll go give the treadmill about 15 minutes and then take the rest of the day off. hahaha. The ballgame is at 4 today and I'm trying out a flatbread thing from Trader Joe's for dinner. All's good.

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