Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Did I just do a better job than normal?

Today's closet clean out was a way bigger job than it has been in the past and I'm not quite sure why. I took before, during and after and they aren't even that impressive. I did spent a fair amount of time on the small stuff. Instead of getting a big box and tossing all the swim stuff in it, I went through all the swim stuff and culled and organized it. Ditto other batches of stuff.

I found two summer knit dresses that I had looked for last July and when I couldn't find, I just figured I'd given them to Goodwill. Nope. I put them with the summer clothes so next year, I will know. But a fair amount of clothes did get into the Goodwill bag.

I ended up with two very full 13 gallon trash bags of trash and one full one for Goodwill.

Now shit isn't falling out of the closet and I have a much better idea of what I actually have in there.








The help of two cats made the process way more interesting. I am now totally exhausted and filthy and satisfied.

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