Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm convinced

The cool is here for good. In summer, I have a dress made from t-shirt scraps that I wear over my swimsuit to the pool. In winter, I have two ankle length hoodies - one in fleece and one in sweatshirt fabric, that do the job. This morning, standing outside waiting for the gym to open, I discovered that the t-shirt dress days were over. It's cold enough to need the warmth of the hoodies. So putting the air conditioner into hibernation yesterday was the right move.

It may soon be time to augment or replace the summer bed quilt. I've always loved that some years - a lot of years - it's like someone flips the Summer's Over Switch. One day it's still toofuckinghot and the next day it's OHHH breathe that beautiful cool air.

I was going to whip up another swimsuit today but I think, instead, I'm going to tackle one of the bedroom closets - the big one. It's finally cool enough in the bedroom to work. One of my closets is dedicated to stuff - crafts stuff, hair stuff, creams and lotions, swim stuff overflow, pillows and blankets not in use, stuff that has no other place... the house landfill. It gets out of control easily and it's out of control now.

I need to pull everything out, hopefully, trash or goodwill most of it, and then put the rest back organizedly. So that's today's plan.

And now... I'm goin' in!


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