Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Living dangerously

I decided to put the air conditioner away after all. If this brings hot weather, I'm not going to be happy. But I do like the look of the living room without it.

I knew it had been humid here recently but I didn't translate that to draining the air conditioner. Last year it was bone dry when I put it away so I didn't even think about it. Wrong. There was only about a cup of water in there and I managed to get it with very thirsty towels. Next year I'm going to invited Frank over to help me lift it up to drain it properly.

The cats were sleeping in the bedroom when I started which was nice but they woke up in time to help. Now the unit and all of it's accouterments are in the a/c cubby behind the curtain.


And, of course, I updated the spreadsheet. Interesting that last year I put it away on the same date. Last year was a way hotter summer with horrible smoke for weeks. We got out lucky this year.

The Mainers just came back from a 9-5 game to win it in the bottom of the 9th 11-9 with a walk off walk... Tom Murphy - a really cute, single player that both Frank and I have a little lust after, worked a bases loaded walk for the win. Nice.

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