Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Do I dare?

It is lovely and cool today inside and out. I'm thinking that the air conditioner could maybe be done for the year. Do I dare put it up for the winter? Or is that just asking for a heat wave. hmmmm

Yesterday I got a delightful surprise. ljtourist came over with some treats from the road trip he got back from on Friday. Among the delicious items he brought were four fabulous tomatoes. He got them in Colorado. Seattle does not have fabulous tomatoes. Our sun is just not strong enough or long enough and I think our dirt is not tomato friendly but whatever, even our very best August/September tomatoes are lame. But, these Colorado rascals were pretty darned excellent. I ate one like an apple and then I had one in a sandwich for dinner last night. Sunday night is breakfast for dinner and I love a good tomato with eggs and sausage. Yum yum.

He led the boys in a rousing game of Stickie. Here's Biggie just after Frank left.


The Smalls was too tired to even get on the bed. He was passed out on the floor.

The ballgame was good. We ended up winning with a homerun in the 10. Sadly, I fell asleep in the 9th but they apparently didn't need me. Fine.

I thought there was an early soccer game this morning that would hose up the traffic around here so I was going to skip swimming but I got up and looked at that treadmill and decided fuck it. I'll sit in traffic if necessary. (See, treadmill even does double duty!) Turned out, the soccer game isn't til 3 so I swam and then went to Trader Joe's before I came home. I'm loving the swim suits made with my new pattern. They are a dream to swim in and, since they aren't lined, they take up very little room in my swim bag on the way home. I have fabric for two more in house. I think I'll be making them up this week.

I started to describe my plans for today as low key but I think a more apt description would be usual. Watch baseball, crochet, play with cats. Ha. Suits me fine, thank you.

First, though, I need to take some garbage down to the dumpsters before it starts stinking up the joint.

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