Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I fell off the treadmill and have a gynormous knee owie. stupid stupid stupid. I was about 15 minutes into my 30 minute session and I wanted to get off to get my earbud. When you it stop. It does not stop. It slows down for what I think is a way too long time. So I didn't wait and came tumbling down in a blaze of idiocy. I'm very lucky I didn't break something. I landed on my bum knee so at least I didn't hurt the good one.

Months and months ago I fell hard on my right knee and it never has healed totally. If I knock it against something or try to use it to get up from the ground, it is still very painful but the rest of the time it is fine. Except now, it is really really sore and the rug burn... I need to remember to bend it a lot today or it may never work properly again. And I smashed my toes on my right foot. Also, I think I'll interrupt this entry for some ibuprofen.

Ugh. I will not underestimate that treadmill again. I will not.

Last night's game was not horrible. Not fabulous either. We lost but not really embarrassingly. The girls who own the seats to my left had sold their tickets. The buyers were these adorable 20-something brothers. They had given each other the game for their birthdays. They had yet another brother who then felt left out and bought tickets in another section of the Diamond Club. They were fun to visit with but then found seats with their brother and so I had instant elbow room.

There was a fireworks show after the game that was really really nice. The Mariners really do good fireworks.

I got to sleep late last night but had decided to skip the pool so slept forever. I woke up to the nuzzles of two soft kitties and then we all went back to sleep for another hour. Delicious. My rug burn is too burn-y to risk a shower so I'm going to enjoy a dirty slug day - with knee bending.

Also on the treadmill, I gave up on my Dead Girl in 2a book. It was veering off into the area where I don't believe it crosses over with I don't care. Time to move on.

At one point we lost Stickie so I pulled out a backup - a pink stickie which never quite garnered favor and then the original came back so pink stickie went into the toy pile. Someone... got in there yesterday and liberated the feather from pink stickie and used it as a toy all over the house. I decided that pink stickie's feather would add some bling to Stickie so I attached it and it was an instant hit.

Stickie love for stickie bling.


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