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The cats do not care one bit that they might live a long life. I tried to explain how wonderful it was and seriously they could not have been more unimpressed. WhenI turned out they lights last night, they were no where to be found. Just as I was going to sleep they both came barreling in and jumped on the bed. Biggie was chasing The Smalls only a little encumbered by also carrying Stickie.

The vet told me that I should watch for any abnormality and "bring them in at the first sign - way before you would normally bring them in." Since that conversation, they have been their very normal selves. Biggie's in the bowl and The Smalls is trying to decide whether he needs to be outside checking on everything or trying to take possession of the bowl. You can tell he's conflicted.

There is an emerging issue that's likely going to be a major PIA. They both think that any dead leaves they find on the terrace need to be brought into the living room. Only a minor thing now, but as soon as The Tree That I Hate starts shedding seriously, this will be a major headache.

What is not a headache is the weather forecast. This is the next week in Seattle. My perfect, perfect weather. "Light rain" means sometimes mist but no sun!! and no hot. hallefuckinlooyah

I got my phone number successfully ported from T-Mobile to Mint Mobile. But, somehow managed to get a $60 charge on my account that I did not ask for, did not expect and do not understand. An email netted me a support ticket number. Waiting...

Also waiting for response to my support ticket number from the treadmill people. It's started screeching so I sent an email asking how I can get it to shutthefuckup. It only screeches when I use to so I do know one way to prevent it...

My new ManiMe personalized press on nail polish arrived yesterday and it's pretty darned slick.


It also appears to have survived at least one day of swimming without any harm. This could be good. The program is in beta and they keep wanting to call me for feedback. I filled out their form. I sent an email with two suggestions for improvement and a copy of the photo and still they want to talk. Sorry Charlie. I don't do phone.

I have yet another swim suit to finish today and a new crochet book to study. And then the Mariner game to go to. After tonight's game there will be another fireworks show which suits me just fine.

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