Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that turned out to be fine

They are removing a major elevated highway from downtown Seattle this summer. A big chunk of it - and the last chunk to come down - is a block from here. It has fucked up traffic for months and, honestly, traffic didn't flow all that smoothly around here before the fuckery.

At one point, however, they did open up a net new intersection and access to highway that cut a good 5 minutes off my pool commute. This morning, however, they closed that intersection for the next 12 days so they can finish taking down the highway. By some miracle, I remembered it this morning and so did not head off the usual way. I tried a new route which has not been practical before. Turns out, now it is not only practical but actually kind of better than the one I've been using. Ok then!

When you do the very same thing day after day, little things make a diff.

"I come in and see your bag every day. It's inspirational." Every morning, I hang my turquoise swim bag with an orange strap and octopus on the front, on a hook in the pool room. The walls of the pool room are actually windows to the rest of the gym so everyone working out can easily see those hooks and what's on 'em. This morning, a young woman I don't remember ever seeing before told me "you get me here every day. If I think maybe I'll skip, I then think, heck, if she can do it, so can I."

I've had this happen a couple of times before. People telling me they look for my bag every day. I even once had a young girl tell me I inspired her to workout. But, ya know, it does not ever ever get old.

The cats are being their adorable selves this morning. The Smalls is the one who is generally all over me. Wants to be held, wants to be petted. Biggie usually just wants me to wield Stickie. But this morning, Biggie came and sat in my lap and stretched and purred while The Smalls held court in the basket. Now Biggie has the basket and The Smalls is stretched out here next to me on the chair. I do love that they love me.

They do not love Zoey's food, though. I had some left over - the pouch stuff. I gave it to the boys yesterday and they licked at it a little and then left it there until, finally, this morning, I gave them the victory and tossed out the rest. Ok. I get it. Yeah, the pouches are handy for me - easier than cans - but ok - message received. Cans it is.

Tomorrow is a Diamond Club Marine game for me. I have two more after that. This year my package includes the last game of the season which is kind of nice. I like the closure. I'm ok with this season being over. Which reminds me, I need to contact my cable company and tell them to drop everything but the basic channels. That damn Root Sports channel I have for Mariner games cost way too much. It's nice not to need it and not have to pay for it in winter.

The sim card for my new phone service arrives today. This should be interesting. I really hope it works.

Today I have some sewing to do and there will be either treadmill or I will go outside and walk somewhere. Probably the former.

Laser chasing...


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