Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not good news

There are, apparently, two tests for feline leukemia. One says probably and then there is an expensive test that says for sure that. Both Biggie and The Smalls failed the first test. It is very likely they both have stage 5 leukemia (where the virus has entered the bone marrow) and, so, a very short life span - best estimate under 4 years - mostly likely 1-2. I opted for the expensive definitive test although it was probably a stupid waste of money. The result - either way - will change nothing. But, by the time I got to the decision, I was entering hour 3 at the vets office and she kept telling me that the test was 'best medical practice' and I knew when I adopted them that they would be expensive medically and so I totally wiped out all the savings from my new cellphone plan. but, oh well.

They were very good. Except when they were being jabbed for blood and/or having their nails clipped, they were in that damn thing the whole time and did not even cry. Biggie had to have bandages on his legs where they drew blood. The vet said I could remove them when I got home and he was REALLY glad to get rid of them. And the Smalls helped him lick the spots.

They will call me in two or three days with the results and send me more info. There's nothing that can be done so I'm not sure why the test. Oh well.

I'm bummed but hey. I knew this had high probability before I chose to adopt them. There's a good chance that my own lifespan is not much longer than theirs. They are happy and lively now and appear to have forgiven me for this morning.

Biggie's in the back of the carrier here but, yes, I took Stickie with us. Just in case.


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