Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Anti tech

I hate Apple announcement days. My Twitter feed and other geeky resources get all spun out of control for days and days on subject I could not care less about. I have less than zero interest in anything that Apple makes and now my usual interesting world of tech news is going to be a mine field of Apple crap. Oh well.

In other news, swimsuit 2.1a had its first swim today and it's a true winner. So much so that swimming in the suits I made with the version 1 pattern are going to be really uncomfortable to swim in. Good thing they were near end of life anyway. The pool this morning was crowded! But for the first time since it re-opened, I did not feel like a 4 year old in floaties. My form felt better and my numbers reflected it. I swam better and faster. It was good.

Oh! fresh poop!! I shouldn't have worried. I now have >24 hour refrigerated poop and >12 hour fresh poop. I'm well pooped for the vet. I pulled out the carrier to set it up and leave it out for them to explore. I did this on the bed intending to take it to the living room. But, by the time I got it all zipped and ready, it was full of cats so I just left it on the bed. It really is a very nicely designed. This is the first time I've actually used it. It's been flat in my closet since I got it.

Just saw this on twitter. And it tickles my fancy. It's right up there with odometer number line ups.

I'm going to try out a different cellphone service. Right now I have T-Mobile. Unlimited data for $50 a month. In the past three months, I haven't gone over 3 GB of data. I'm going to try out Mint Mobile. $60 for 3 months - 8 GB. (unlimited texts and calls and hotspot for both T-Mobile and Mint Mobile.). If I can really get by on less than 3 GB a month and the service is fine, I could very well opt for the plan that is $180 for an entire year. Mint uses T-Mobile so I'm not really seeing a downside. I ordered the sim last night.

I did not walk on the treadmill yesterday or really walk anywhere. This is not a habit I want to get into. So today there will be treadmill walking. I started a new audio book that has my interest so that will help. The Dead Girl in 2A by Carter Wilson.u has three different readers which is always disconcerting. One good one is my preference.

But first, off to the vet. Well, actually, first, get dressed ... then off to the vet.

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