Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

poop stress dialed back to 0. Whew

So. Tomorrow I take the boys into the vet. They get a blood test but also the vet wants to run a test on their poop. So I need to bring in some fresh. I do not know when or where they poop. That's their business.

I've been worrying about how I was going to fulfill the poop assignment. They poop collector they gave me said they needed poop that was either younger than 12 hours old OR 24 hours or younger if it had been refrigerated.

I was in the sewing room sewing away when I heard much litterbox action so I went to check... FRESH POOP!!!!! I put it in a baggie and it's now in my fridge. I will try to get a very fresh one tomorrow but if I don't, I'm covered already so no biggie. Whew.

I'll skip the photo.

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