Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We had some weather!

Seattle is known for rain but Seattle rain is a drizzle. In the movies and on TV, shows set in Seattle have most scenes with pouring rain and lightening and thunder. That's cinematic Seattle. Not real Seattle.

Except for last night. Last night, it poured friggin' buckets. Cats, dogs and miniature horses. And lightening and thunder. So much that you could even match the lightening bolts to the thunder claps.

I grew up in the Southeast. Thunderstorms were a daily event. I even, once, had lightening come into my bedroom through one window and exit through another while I was sitting on my bed watching.

But most people in Seattle have never seen the kind of lightening and thunder we had last night. It was impressive. There were kids (young adults) on the street, in the rain, to watch and they ooooooo'd and ahhhhhh'd like they would at fireworks. It was really quite the show.

And Twitter went nuts with reports and photos. It actually made for a fun evening.

Then I went to bed and to sleep to discover that The Smalls, has, indeed, learned his how to sleep with me lesson. No nose biting. He just snuggled in on one side while Biggie snuggled in on the other. The only interruption was when I rolled over onto Stickie. I'm not the only thing that Biggie likes to sleep with.

The other amazing thing about last night was that it was cool enough to turn off the air conditioner. And it looking at the forecast, this may be a continuing thing. Right now, there are only two days next week with highs showing in the low 70's. The rest are highs in the 60's. Sooooo nice.

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning instead of swimming. It was boring and tough but it is great to have the option and it's done.

Oh! The Smalls just came in from the terrace where he and Biggie have been hanging out. He jumped on me and his paws were cold. What a funny sensation. They's never seen Fall or Winter. Wonder what they will think. So far, since I can keep the door open, they are fans.

The baseball game is at 11 today. And I want to stitch up the new swimsuit. And I need to find a new audiobook. The one I started last night isn't going to work. And I need to find out why the library book I checked out a few days ago did not end up on my Kindle. And ... oh I need to make some egg muffins for breakfasts next week. So... you know... the usual.

The scraps afghan I'm working on is now big enough to share with the cats, while I work on it. We all approve.


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