Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And another one bites the dust

Every pool in town has an aqua aerobics class at 9 am on Saturdays. It's nuts. My pool was the only one that does not and today, I was not very graciously kicked out of the pool at 8:55. 'FYI from now on we have aqua fit class here at 9.' I was done and they still had 5 minutes anyway. There was no reason for them to be rude. I was there first and there was no sign anywhere nor any notice. Bitches.

Now that I have the treadmill, weekend swims are really no longer required anyway. I have always hated that the gym doesn't open til 8. Plus Sundays, like tomorrow, when the Seahawks have a home game, it's a pretty dicey proposition to be out in the car anyway. We'll see. But, if I do swim on a Saturday again, the pool will be mine until 9 am - not 8:55. Got that, bitches?

Then I went to QFC. I really don't like QFC but, now there are two things that I can only get there so they have me. They have a white bread that I really like. It's dense with a wonderful texture and perfect for both sandwiches and toast. And their Vietnamese spring rolls are really the best in town. And cheap.

I stocked up. I'm addicted now to fuji apples. Others mock but I've always loved red delicious apples. Now, however, they are increasingly difficult to find. So I'm signed up for team fuji. Apples are my go to snack and today the fujis were on sale so I am apple rich.

It's cool enough to have the door open and the boys are playing outside. The Smalls is still having a hard time understanding that night time is sleep time, not bite my face time. I had to kick him out of bed a couple of times last night. Finally, he got the picture. I hope he remembers tonight.

I got invited to the beta of a 3-D nail polish deal called ManiMe. Best I can tell, it's press on nails but those made specifically for your nails. You take photos of your nails and send them in and then pick your color and spend $15 and a couple of weeks later you re in 'biz'. I am sure they are great but I am also sure they will not be swim proof. But, we shall see. I'm willing to spend $15 to find out.

I have no big plans for today. I need to put away the rest of the groceries and find room in the freezer for the two loaves of bread and update the spreadsheet. I need to download the next audiobook and update Goodreads. And.. after that... who knows? The baseball game is at 4. And there may be treadmill time. Or swimsuit sewing. I am the boss of me, she says oh so gratefully.

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