Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Interesting day

Swimming just simply colors my day. I don't know quite how to explain it but it just makes everything better all day. So weird. Cool and good to know but so weird. And absolutely worth the pain of getting up at 4:30 am.

This morning I killed hours looking for a tool to track my TV watching and then after finding one that kind of does what I want, filling it in. The problem that needs the solution is... I have three services I use the most that I need a consolidated database for. Prime, Netflix and Acorn. Tivo handles the tracking of everything else. I need something that I can use to track what I've seen - saw 2 episodes of xxx and didn't like it, track what I want to see - yyy on Netflix, make recommendations on both of those and give me search - find what what other shows zzz in this show is in and where it's streaming.

Acorn turns out to be an issue. The heavy hitter movie/tv apps kind of ignore it. But, also Netflix is a problem because, apparently, they turned off their api so no one gets updated data. Tract.TV does about 60% of what I want which is twice as much as the rest I found. I spent a long time entering stuff into the engine and then finally decided it wasn't worth the effort. I may still use it a little but the search continues.

I did walk 15 minutes on the treadmill and while 'enjoyed' it is a little strong, I didn't hate it.

Then this afternoon, I fell down the rabbit hole of yet another techy project.

When I did a mini redesign of this condo in about 2013, I was still working - out of my living room. I used a laptop mostly but had a 3 screen desktop that I used for heavy lifting. They were on a giant desk in the living room but I didn't need that big desk so I had the designer build a long narrow one and hang the monitors on the wall.

Then I retired. And the desktop became a laptop. And I really only use my chromebook anyway. The whole set up is kind of vestigial now. But, I don't really need the wall and the desk is kind of a handy work space that doesn't really take up any room so I leave it. I used to have my brother's web cams up on the screens but now I keep an eye on them from a web page I built.

So today.. I assigned the weather to one, the time to another and a pretty picture to the third.


The one on the left is the screen for a Chromebit which is a little chromebook on a stick. The weather is just a web page I built using a Dark sky embed. Works great and I can see it across the room. It updates automagically.

Fresh from that success, I found a chrome extension that makes a flip clock. It failed a couple of times the first hour so I dug out a script builder and created another web page just in case. Have had to use it yet. The photos are Bing photos of the day. I'll probably change that.

The cats who were crazed this morning have spent the day asleep so they can be crazed when I turn out the lights tonight.


The Mariners have an early huge lead against Houston. Houston has enjoyed a seat on or near the top of the mountain status in baseball forever it seems like. I'm sure they will win tonight but we sure humiliated them in the first inning. The asshole is announcing on TV so I'll be hitting mute soon.

And, my brother just sent a screen shot from TV of the hurricane at my parents house! It's there on the left. yeah, not a clear shot and they sold it in 1999 but still... That's where they were for Hurricane Hugo which really created havoc.


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