Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

meowmensteen called it in one.

So so so weird. About 45 minutes (and 4 emails from FedEx with excuses and promises to deliver tomorrow) after they first blew me off, I got an email saying my package was delivered??!!!! WTF? I ran downstairs and, sure enough, there it was. I have had FedEx blow me off plenty of times but I've never had them come back. I'll take it!!


As I was getting in the elevator, someone said "that box looks like it traveled half way around the world!" Nailed it.


It was a bitch and a half to put together. Would have been even without the helpers. It's just so freaking heavy. I need more than two hands and a couple of strong arms. But, I did not lack determination.


You can see the old base there propped up. He sent a new, way heavier and bigger one and it's a good thing he did. They would have already crashed through the glass door with that old one.

I finally got it and by that time both cats were way into the packaging and could have cared less.


But, thankfully, Biggie, is into treats. And I got his attention. So he made the maiden voyage.


And then, of course, it was mere minutes before The Smalls was up there, too... Just like meowmensteen predicted. Both of them sharing the little bowl!


Then Biggie dropped down to the lower bunk and they played fisticuffs.

I'm so glad I don't have to go pick it up. I'm not sure how I would have ever gotten it from the car to the elevator, now that I think about it.

All's well that ends... etc.

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