Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Killing time

I have always hated that phrase. I've also always hated the marking off of days on a calendar. Time is a resource that is totally not renewable. I honestly believe none of it should be wasted and all of it treasured. Yeah polyanna and sure the time you are in pain, maybe not so treasured and a bascillion other examples but I always try to be every careful and mindful of time.

Except now. Now, I'm just killing it. Waiting for FedEx.

EDIT: And fuck me if they didn't just pass me by. Just got this: "Customer not Available or Business Closed" Er. NOPE. I was sitting right here waiting. Assholes.

At least FedEx offers the Come And Pick It Up option. Not til 6:15 but better than waiting for tomorrow. Assholes

I finished the latest top and I love it. It is every reason why I make my own clothes. Here's the pattern I started with:

But, as with everything, I had to make the shoulders way more narrow and the sleeves way shorter and a little bit bigger around at the bicep. And I wasn't ready for a cowl yet. When it gets cold, for sure, but not this time. And pockets. Of course.

Oh and since I wasn't sure it was going to work out, I didn't want to waste a lot of good fabric so I gathered up three left overs from other projects. Enough to make big pieces but not nearly enough for a whole anything.


And on our lovely model...


And it feels so good on. What a great pattern. I can't wait to make this in fleece - with the cowl. How yummy that will be.

I also walked over to Uwajimaya and the temperature was wonderful. The clouds hid the sun and it was cool and lovely and walking was easy. And I got dinner and lunch. Nice.

Now... where are you FedEx?

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