Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All systems are go?

The LA Fitness app which has had a notice saying it would re-open tomorrow at 5 am still says that today so... maybe... it won't be delayed! I'll be there at 5 tomorrow to see. My suit is out of the closet. My swim bag is hanging on the bathroom door knob. My music player is all charged up. I'm ready.

FedEx shows the cat tree stuff delivery is pending but it's clearly in Seattle so I'm thinking indications are good that it will get here today. Hope Hope.

I think I found the perfect treadmill shoes.

They are very light weight, very cushion-y and adjustable so come winter, they will work with socks. And the price is nice.

Well, he finally did it. Biggie knocked a coffee mug off the top shelf in the kitchen. It was a big thick one and it bounced off the counter and then onto the tile floor so it made a huge noise. I missed a great camera shot. Pure, unadulterated Cat Guilt Face.

I knew it would happen so no surprise. He uses that top row to go from one side of the cabinet tops to the other. I could/should get up there and fasten them all down with museum putty or something. Oh well. Note far left empty cubby. RIP


Today's agenda is up for grabs. Probably sewing. Maybe a lunchtime-ish trip up to Uwajimaya. It's not supposed to get warm til mid-afternoon.

Friday it's supposed to be sunny and 80 and then that's it for summer. Saturday starts the temperature drop. And we're free from hot for another 9-10 months. My favorite time of year.

I hated Fall when I was in school because I hated school but, once out, it became my favorite. Although I hated school, I always loved school supplies and looked forward to browsing through all the new notebooks and pens and pencils. The other day I stopped into Office Depot to do just that. Turns out, they apparently have given up the will to live - at least school live. There were no back to school displays, special rows, anything. The place is a ghost town. Shudda gone to Target. Oh well, next year.

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