Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird foot thing attacks again

Two summers ago, my right foot swelled up like a balloon and stayed that way for about a month or maybe even longer. It didn't hurt but it sure looked weird. Then one day it went back to normal size.

Now it's back.


I told my doctor about it after the fact last time. He shrugged and allowed as how whatever it was, apparently, was not fatal. I love my doctor. It still does not hurt at all. It's this way when I wake up in the morning, after I keep it elevated, all day every day. But so weird to look at.

In the possible Very Good News department, look what my tracking number shows now! Maybe maybe maybe, they will accidentally deliver it tomorrow. I love seeing it get from Poland to me. We live in amazing times.

This is the parts for growing the cat tree.


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