Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One more day

Tomorrow is my last no swim day for a long while. I hope. I'm going to get out the swim stuff today and get it ready. At the same time, I fully expect to check the app tomorrow and discover that the opening has been delayed.

FedEx sent me a note this morning that the import issue with cat tree parts had been cleared and they were on their way. I did not know there had been an issue! But, I'm glad it's cleared. They are sitting in Memphis now. The note said they would be here Friday. The tracking number still says Thursday.

Yesterday the cats let me piece together almost an entire pattern. Then they decided I'd had enough and started creating havoc. Piecing a pattern involves taking, in this case, 30 pages of 8x10 paper and taping the edges to make one giant piece that is then cut into the pattern pieces. About the time they started messing with me, I realized that I really needed to start over anyway. The shirt pattern is a good one and I want to make sure the pattern is one I can reuse many times. I have to make the shoulders more narrow, the neck base higher and for either cowl or simple band, the armholes bigger and the sleeves bigger - oh and add in-seam peekaboo pockets. The design is such that my original ways to do all of this turned out to be not the best. So I printed out a new copy and I'll start over again today, if the cats allow.

Right now they are chasing the red dot. Hopefully that will tire them out a bit.

I caught this action last night. Just two guys in the gents.


They still do most everything together but in their own way.

Biggie will drop whatever he is doing to chase the red ball or Stickie. The Smalls will generally watch but not always participate.

The Smalls will wander off on his own to another room but soon call for Biggie who comes ever time.

Biggie slips into my bed at night. The Smalls bounds into it usually about 4ish and sometimes settles in and sometimes convinces Biggie that it's time to get up.

The Smalls is the under blanket cat. He'll crawl under anything that's piled and then Biggie with bat at the lump for hours.

Biggie sits on the edge of the tub between the shower curtain and the liner while I'm taking a shower. The Smalls bats at him through the curtain.

The Smalls 'owns' the bowl on top of the cat tree. When Biggie gets there first, he'll knock him out if he doesn't want to share. Wonder how that dynamic will change when the new bits arrive.

They are nothing if not highly entertaining. Next week I take them back to the vets for another feline leukemia test. Neither of them show anything but 100% healthy. I'd sure like it to stay that way.

Today and tomorrow are still supposed to be on the warm side of sunny. I have no need or desire to go anywhere so I have no plans to leave the house. This gym 'vacation' has saved me a ton on gas.

I think I'll go hit the showers.

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