Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Their latest trick

The cats have a new thing.

When I come home from being out longer than just a trash run, Biggie and The Smalls create a little cat puddle on the wall by the door. When I open it, they are there waiting for me.

It's about the cutest thing ever.

On the other hand, they (The Smalls really) have knocked the hands off the Echo Clock so many times, I cannot now get it going again. RIP. Not a biggie but really. All the plants are on the mantle still. Surfaces are either stripped of anything and/or reduced to heavy boxes that I put the little stuff into.

Last night they chased each other across the dining table and the tablet, place mat, salt, napkin and two remotes landed on the floor. Miraculously, the soy sauce bottle did not. Guess who has a new home in the cupboard.

It appears to be naptime - thankyoujesus!


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